ARPAD turns inventions into successful innovations, by transferring them to any business type, being organizations, universities, research institutes, governments, etc. with adequate marketing experience and real implementation power. Our services include:

IP policy advice:

Our extensive experience means we understand the idiosyncrasies and nuances of local innovation systems. We believe there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all IP policy’. Through a combination of meetings, workshops, and seminars, we work with our clients to develop an appropriate IP policy for their innovation system.

Technology transfer partnerships:

Our partnership philosophy is to build on existing strengths and help client organizations to maximize the potential of their commercialization pipelines. We achieve this by developing the host organization’s capabilities, introducing new networks of investors and companies, and assisting in the planning and delivery of the technology commercialization process.

Licensing and commercialization:

We have extensive experience in licensing patented IP to existing businesses and creating spin-out companies. Whilst patents are a key and important class of IP rights, we have broad experience of commercializing other types of protectable IP including:

  • Trademarks,
  • Designs,
  • Software applications,
  • Software code and other forms of copyright

Seed fund support:

We assist our clients in designing and/or managing financial mechanisms that bridge the funding gap between early stage laboratory results and industry ready technology. This can involve:

  • Creation of application and fund management processes
  • Designing evaluation criteria – training and advising project evaluators and review panels to select projects with the greatest potential to succeed
  • Providing hands-on support for funded projects to maximize their possibility of commercial success

Startup and business incubation support

Creating a successful innovation ecosystem goes beyond just technology transfer support; we can work with clients to establish and manage startup and business incubators, create operating models that fit the needs of stakeholders, implementing policies and processes, and providing entrepreneurship training, coaching and mentoring to incubates.