ARPAD’s aim is to bring expertise and innovation of the highest level into public administrations, sustaining and developing change in local government and simplifying procedures so that they can respond better to the needs of their citizens.

Quality, reliability, speed and transparency are the four keywords that summarize the basic aims of public administrations.

Information Technology, Management Systems, Publishing, Training, Form printing, Services and Technologies, Revenue management, Organizational consultancy: each business unit interprets the theme of moving into the future, anticipating specific evolutions in the single sectors of local authority activities.

Our public services cover different sectors

Our products and services, in addition to municipalities, are also strongly aimed at regional and provincial authorities, government ministries and schools, covering different sectors:

  • Direction and secretarial
  • Accounting
  • Contracts
  • Demographic services
  • Digital and innovation
  • Social services
  • Schools
  • European policies
  • Museums
  • Culture, tourism and sports
  • Personal office and organization, etc.