Local governance remains the most accessible level of engagement with public authority and state institutions. It is the mechanism and channel closest to the people for accessing basic services and opportunities to improve their lives, for participation in public processes where decisions affecting their lives are made, and for exercising their rights and obligations.

Effective local governance is key to development that is inclusive and sustainable, at the local level as well as the national. It is essential in improving the quality of life of the people both at the urban and rural settings, reducing inequality in all its forms across the society, and enhancing relations between people and public institutions.

ARPAD’s work on improving local governance includes research and advocacy on decentralization and local democracy, local finances, gender equality and access to basic services, all of which are essential elements of good local governance.

We work both at the national policy level and at the local level to gain full acceptance for the principles of decentralized governance and to disseminate and institutionalize practical and effective methods and techniques for municipal management.