Quality public services, at their best, are the tools used by responsible and democratic governments to serve the best interests of their citizens. Public administration of services such as health care, education, and utilities promotes equality and the common good, not greater profit for a few.

ARPAD provides governments, boards, commissions, and associated enterprises with assistance in the following areas:

  • MANAGEMENT AND SECRETARIAT: to meet the needs of local administrations aiming at the efficiency of management, the evolution of processes, the dissemination of new services to citizens and businesses, the image and quality of the public institution.
  • BUDGET AND ACCOUNTING: for the complete management of the activities of the Financial Services Area of a Local Authority: Financial and Tax Accounting, Financial and Balance Sheet and Analytical Accounting, Inventory and Assets, Economic Services, Mortgages and Investments, Treasury Services, Certification of Financial Statements And the Statement.
  • TECHNICAL AND URBAN OFFICE: a comprehensive offer for the Local Technical Office’s staff who are involved in building and urban planning daily, regulatory plans, housing policies, facilities, waste management, environment and territory.
  • DEMOGRAPHIC SERVICES OFFICE: on the whole national territory ARPAD offers the municipalities the widest and most diverse range of products and services specially designed for the Bureau of Civil Registry, the Civil State Office, and the Electoral Office, which are called Demographic Services.
  • SCHOOLS: we offers a wide range of products and services specially designed for schools of every order and degree.
  • DIGITAL AND INNOVATION: to support innovation processes that can improve the efficiency and quality of services offered to citizens and businesses.
  • CULTURE, TOURISM AND SPORT OFFICE: despite the difficulties caused by the economic crisis, Public Authorities are aware that personal services represent a response to the essential needs of their communities as well as a territorial development engine, etc.